Terrell & Jennifer met in Spring of 2014, and although they lived in different cities, they spent several months emailing, talking, and praying with each other. They quickly sensed God was bringing them together for His service.

A native of Charlotte, Terrell has long held a passion for this area, and Jennifer, a Michigan girl, felt called to join him in serving in a ministry that would reach all people.

There are certainly many churches throughout Union County and greater area that are doing good things, yet there are thousands of people who are not connected to them. To reach this generation, we must meet the needs of the people moving into Union County, present God’s Word with simplicity, demonstrate the love of Jesus, and redefine Church. This is why this location was chosen as a church plant, to be a people, who intently love other people, introducing them to an authentic relationship with Jesus, so they in turn can do the same.

While there are many choices to choose from, here are some distinctive of Faith Soldiers Monroe:

1. Community / We will be a people who serve and love one another, and this community well. We are not afraid to do the dirty work. We believe our community should look to us, the Church, for support and leadership. We are people of great faith.

2. Diversity / We want to reflect God’s heart of creation where diversity abounds; race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic, etc.

3. Integrity / We will operate and lead Faith Soldiers with integrity, and be held to the standard of God’s Word through accountability, mentorship, and transparency.

Having toddler twins along for this journey makes for a true team effort! We’re here because God has called and given us a true heart for this area.

We love you,
-Terrell & Jen